Research Specialist

Yenedit Mendez from Ayoquezco de Aldama, Oaxaca. She migrated to the U.S. when she was eight years old. She is pursuing her Masters in Marriage, Family and Child Counseling at Fresno State. Yenedit received her B.A. in Sociology from California State University, Fresno along with the Humanics certificate; a certificate program in administration and leadership for community benefit organizations. She is former Co-Director of Centro Binacional para el Desarrollo Indigena Oaxaqueño serving the Indigenous Community in the Central Valley. She is Co-Founder of Xiadani del Valle, a traditional Oaxaqueño dance group as well as Movimiento of Oaxaqueño Leaders in Education (M.O.L.E.) a student group at Fresno State. Currently, she is part of the Central Valley Healing Collective, a union of healers, advocates and community leaders who have come together to identify and mobilize the healing assets in the region in order to benefit rural communities which are often excluded from high quality & holistic emotional, mental and spiritual care. The collective hosts free public healing clinics throughout the region- spanning from Merced down to Bakersfield.